Sailing school for English speakers

Hellerup Sailing Club doesn’t run sailing courses in English. All the same we often have English speaking members attending our courses.

Syllabus and Prices

At HS Sailing School we teach sailing in boats without motors, and focus on safe boat-handling at sea and in harbour. The aim is for students to obtain the “Duelighedsbevis for fritidssejlere” (“Certificate of Sailing  Proficiency”).

The course normally runs for two years,

There are 2 winter and 2 summer courses. The first winter is “Seamanship and Rope work” (the course is not in english though the final test can be). The second winter is “Navigation and Rules at Sea” (if necessary the course can be partly in English).

Summers are devoted to practical sailing (the language in general can be English, but sailing terms and commands are taught in Danish). The sailing school may decide that one season of practical sailing is sufficient if students have significant prior sailing experience.

General information – for example emails – will usually be in Danish

Prices:  Education plan as pdf. You only pay for practical sailing if you get regular weekly lessons.

If you already have a “Certificate of Sailing Proficiency”

You need not attend our sailing school to sail the boats owned by the club. But before sailing any type of boat, you have to show, that you are able to handle the boat in question. Please contact the boatsmen.  You can find their email addresses via this link

If you need more sailing experience, you’re welcome to join our practical sailing course.

A place in the Sailing School

How do you get a place in the Sailing School? You have to be a member of Hellerup Sailing Club.

You can become a member

  • EITHER by filling out the application form on the club’s website, and indicate your interest in the sailing schools course (and your prior sailing experence – if any).
  • OR you can visit the club office to fill out the application form and get more information. Office hours are Wednesdays 4-7 pm. When you’ve become a member, please write to the Sailing School to ask to be assigned to the Waiting Llist.

You may sign up for the school all year round, but aren’t necessarily guaranteed regular weekly lessons right away, as the school has limited capacity.

Is there a vacant places in the Sailing School? The best time to join the sailing school is October 1st. The practical summer course is usually full shortly after the beginning of October, but a limited number of students take leave or quit, so there may be a few vacancies in April, when the practical sailing course begins. The winter courses are normally never full although limited by the facilities.

Interest list: For a payment of DKK 100, you can get on an Interest list without being a club member. When places become available at the Sailing School, you will be notified in turn of available places. This is only intended as a service.

Use this link: Registration for the Sailing School’s Intererst List

How to get regular weekly lessons? You should have

  1. Paid the yearly member fee (DKK 1850 in 2023)

  2. Paid for the course in practical sailing (2 x DKK 600 in 2023)

  3. Taken part in winter maintenance of the boats (about 12 hours in 2023)

  4. Signed up for regular lessons. If you haven’t received an email by the beginning of April, please write to the Sailing School

What if you don’t get or want regular weekly lessons? You are always, as member of the club, very welcome to participate in sailing lessons, whenever there are vacant time slots. These lessons are FREE. 

Students who are unable to attend their weekly lesson are obliged to offer the lesson to others. Please write to the Sailing School if you are interested in the offered lessons, and you’ll get an invitation to a Holdsport group. Free time slots may occur 5 times a week.

An alternative is just to show up at the clubhouse a little before 6 pm Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays (meeting point is in the northeast corner of the Hal 1). There may often be space for you.

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Vores partnere

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