Hellerup Sailing Club


Hellerup Sailing Club was founded by a group of local sailing enthusiasts on 25 September 1915.

Today Hellerup Sailing Club has approximately 850 members, making it one of the biggest sailing clubs in Denmark. Hellerup Sailing Club boasts a total of 12 Olympic medals, more than any other club in the world.

Most notably, Paul Elvstrøm has won four Olympic medals, beginning in 1948 where he won the gold medal in the Firefly class (and another HS member, Ole Berntsen, won bronze in the Dragon). Paul went on to win three more gold medals in the Finn class, as well as countless international championships in other classes. More recently - in 1988 - Jørgen Bojsen-Møller won gold in Flying Dutchman (FD), and in 1992, Jørgen and Jens Bojsen-Møller again won bronze in the same class. In 2004, Christina Otzen was member of the bronce medal team in the Yngling class.

Hellerup Sailing Club has active sailors of all ages - from 7 upwards.

Youth sailing

Hellerup Sailing Club started organised youth activities in 1926, and therefore has a long tradition in training young sailors. In addition to winning many national championships, many of the Club’s youths have brought home honours for Denmark from international events. Youth sailors at Hellerup Sailing Club are able to obtain international proficiency certificates in both theoretical and practical skills. The Club’s 7 ’Ynglinge’ class boats are used for this training which, in addition to instructional sailing, also includes cruises and competition sailing both at home and abroad.

Optimist sailing

In 1995, the youth section expanded its activities by founding an ’Optimist Section’ with young sailors from the age of seven. Skilled instructors ensure that their young pupils actually have fun learning to sail . In addition to summer sailing, pupils also take lessons in theory, seamanship and swimming throughout the winter months. Like the keelboat activities in Ynglings, the Optimist sailing is based on a club-owned fleet of dinghies, primarily for training. A number of newer dinghies can be leased for racing.

Sailing School (18+)

In 1974, the club established a Sailing School, which for nearly 30 years has allowed a large number of sailors to achieve international proficiency certificates. Sail training is carried out in 606 class boats. 

Club boats for adults

Members who hold of sailing profiency certificate issued by the Danish authorities, or an equivalent certification from another country, can purchase "season tickets" giving the right to use the boats in the club's fleet which consists of: 10 "606" boats (18ft daysailer), a "Drabant 24" (24ft cruiser/racer), a "X-79" (27ft cruiser/racer) and a "Ballad" (30ft cruiser). Differentiated rates and conditions apply (including instruction and test of skills for handling the boats), please contact us for details.

Activities in the club boats

In addition to basic sail training, there is a number of activities going on in the club boats, such as instruction in more advanced boat handling, racing, and short cruises where individual members can sign up. The club boats are the basis for a large part of the social life in the club, and are the primary reason that the club is so large despite the small number of berths in the harbour.

Swimming, gymnastics, aerobics, badminton etc

Members are given many opportunities for physical activity. In the winter season, members have free access to the municipal swimming pool. At the clubhouse, there is gymnastis and aerobics in the big gymnasium, and badminton or volleyball in the large heated hall. Or you can train in our fitness room, where there is equipment to provide a full workout. Shower, sauna and changing facilities are available in the clubhouse.


Our facilities include an excellent restaurant with one of the best views on the Øresund coastline. A skilful chef provides delicious meals for members at reasonable prices.

Racing events

Hellerup Sailing Club participates in many national and international races. The Club also holds informal handicap races with boats from many classes.


In addition to the courses that form part of the practical and shore training in the Junior and Senior sections, VHF courses, racing rule courses, fire practice and other relevant courses are held.


Hellerup Sailing Club is a club in constant development with a solid base in proud traditions, and provides members with a wide range of activities and opportunities.

You are most welcome to visit Hellerup Sailing Club.


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